The Company

We provide the strategic asset management and commercial property management of the entire portfolio of the company as a full service. Our experience and knowledge are here in particular in the management of special properties such as public buildings, single tenant property, property with high turnover such as student housing or nursing homes, assisted living or kindergartens.


As a specialized service provider in the asset and property management, we are international investment companies and institutional investors for the entire controlling their real estate assets available.

With our approach "Very close to the property", our goal is a personal and binding management with a professional management, which provides the continuous appreciation and optimization in the foreground.

Our tasks in property management:

  • Property Management
  • Property Accounting
  • Utilities Statement
  • Budget Planning
  • Contract Management
  • Reporting
  • Furthermore, we offer based on our experience in the creation of service and maintenance concepts for maintenance, the organization and management of all related with the real estate related services.


  • Preparation and monitoring of the entire due diligence
  • Creation of SWOT analysis and studies
  • Developing and structuring the purchase process
  • Strategy development for the purchase and property management
  • Support in exit strategies
  • Market Analysis
  • Controlling
  • Rental Management On Site
  • When designing your investment structure and your individual reporting we are after all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • It is possible for us intensively to meet your expectations and needs in the context of your investment.

We're there for you

Our team consists of experts in strategic asset management and commercial property management.


Our Claims

Our specialization requires special expertise. Our company's strength lies in the outstanding experience and qualifications of our employees and partners. They are experts in purchasing, evaluation and in project development of social and operated properties.


Our Portfolio

Our portfolio consists primarily of properties that meet the changing needs of our nascent demographic change society: nursing homes, daycare centers, micro-apartments and schools. As such, they serve a real need market having almost no correlation with other real estate segments.


Asset Management

We provide the strategic asset management and commercial property management of the entire property portfolio. We specialize in the management of nursing care, micro-apartments and daycare.